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Action RPG in which we come to a fantastic world created of flying islands. Players take on the Chado, who along with his friend Pokym crashes on one of them. On the spot, it appears that the heroes fallen in deep trouble and will depend on their further fate of the world.

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Download Game for the PC is an action RPG financed in 2014 kickstarter, which have been collected nearly $ 140,000. The title was produced by the French studio Enigami and was released by Focus Home Interactive (publisher of Styx: Master of Shadows, Bound by Flame and Of Orcs and Men).


A long time ago there was a planet called Maher, which was populated by different species living together in harmony, because it combined spiritual energy Shi. With time, however civilizations flourished, which finally led to minimize the operation Shi, the outbreak of a terrible war and break the world into pieces. Since then, all races are living alone, living on separate, airborne islands. Players take on the Chado, who along with his friend Pokym crashes on one of them. Heroes had bad luck, because they came to a very dangerous place called Adorn, and also on their shoulders will rest the future of the world. Fortunately, in the later stages of the band joined by heroes who help them in the execution of a difficult mission.


During the game in Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Download Crack CPY we will get a different, much different lands, where tasks are waiting for us major and minor. The creators made it possible to perform them in different ways. For example, to get an object located in a cave guarded by thugs can kill all the enemies in the trunk and collect pledges, but nothing stands in the way to sneak in and steal the treasure, and possibly talk with the leader of the gang, who might want us to sell it. An important element of the Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Download Full Version is also a battle fought in real time. During the clashes move to a special arena and wrap your opponent with fists (almost like a normal, simplified fight), and use magic. Duels are held in the format 1 to 1, and our comrades can not enter the arena. This does not mean, however, that does not help us in any way, because they attack the enemy from a distance. Of course, they do the same opponents.
Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Download Torrent Fast is a game of RPG, so the developers took care of the character development system. During the game we learn new fighting techniques, spells, and gain better equipment. All this allows you to make up more and more difficult tasks.

Technical issues

Download Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom PC is based on the Unreal Engine technology, which successive versions driven by the number of years a variety of titles. The latest edition has been used even in the Ark: Survival Evolved and Fable Legends. The title features cartoon style graphics, reminiscent of Japanese anime.

OS Windows 7/8/10/XP/VISTA
Processor Intel Core i3/AMD Phenom II
Memory 4 GB RAM
Graphics 1 GB, AMD Radeon HD 6950/NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560
Storage 15 GB HDD

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Download Game + Crack
Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom download

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