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Gloria Victis was designed by an independent team of Polish producers, who came from Black Eye Games studio. This independent team composed of 30 people has brought to life this fantastic and extremely absorbing game, also known under the other title: Ether Fields. The production was released on PC Windows. The game is an alternative for the Korean productions of MMORPG type of games that usually portrait the area that surrounds the main hero in a cartoonish, very sweet way. Gloria Victis is its complete contradiction. It does not only offer a very dark and mysterious storyline for the players, but it also provides very advanced economic and social aspects. All the players, who are in love with MMORPG genre should try out this proposition made by the Polish studio.Gloria Victis Free Download Ocean of Games and fight in the times of medieval ages. Take the role of the real knight, who needs to not only defend himself but also attack before his opponent does that! Also Download the game Phantasmal City of Darkness Free

Gloria Victis Free Download Ocean of Games

Gloria Victis Free Download Ocean of Games

Free Download!
The action of the game is located in the Medieval Ages, 20 years after the tumultuous events such as wars, crusades, or mysterious assassinations. The hero enters in the middle of conflict initiated by the descendants of the founding fathers of the world. The authors decided to base their game on the authentic events from the histories. The presented world refers heavily to those realities. All the rules of the feudal system, as well as architecture and the art of war, have been conserved. It means that in the game we can find such motives as guilds, and the apprenticeship of craftsmanship will cause that the crafted items can be sold and gain profits on them. The main task of the hero is; however, the fight, exploration of the area, as well as performing specific tasks.

Features of Gloria Victis Free Download Ocean of Games 

The player can choose one of four sides of available factions. During creating the character, he will not have to choose any classes – here, the authors made sure to give us huge freedom when it comes to the development of the hero’s abilities. The key element of the game is the reputation system. Each character and place have got individual one. It results in developing our character on many different levels. We can gain the skills that concern war, creating our places in the hierarchy of the faction, and gain the sympathy of the villagers. As for fighting element, which is a part of the game, it was based on a non-target system. In other words, it means that the player has to perform blows by himself as well as dodge them. There is a vast arsenal of weaponry typical for medieval times at our disposal. By that, we mean swords, axes, crossbows, or bows. Every player, who wants to join to rowdy guilds, defend the villagers from the enemies as well as learn how to the sword and ax, should try this game for sure. Gloria Victis full version download is waiting for you to use it and taste the Medieval Age!

Gloria Victis Free Download Ocean of Games

System requirements Gloria Victis Free Download Ocean of Games

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CPU: Intel Core i5 or AMD Phenom II X4 with at least 2,5 GHz
CPU Speed: Info
OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Video Card: GeForce GTX 750, Radeon HD 6950 – at least 2GB GPU memory
Free Disk Space: 10 GB available space

Gameplay Gloria Victis Free Download Ocean of Games

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The game is based on quite strong Unity 3d engine, thanks to which we can admire incredibly realistic, very attractive visual setting. What’s more, a very characteristic element of the game is also its soundtrack, which is based on the fantastic composition of medieval music. Immerse yourself into the medieval world of combat systems and sow terror in the hearts of your opponents as well as gain the respect of your faction. Use Gloria Victis Download and fight alongside with your comrades against barbarians and injustice!

Gloria Victis Download on PC install

Gloria Victis Free Download Ocean of Games


Free Download!

Gloria Victis Free Download Ocean of Games


Gameplay Gloria Victis Free Download Ocean of Games

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