Battlefield 4 Download

Battlefield 4 Download Free Full Version for PC Ocean of Games 

Battlefield 4 Download

Battlefield 4 Download Free Ocean of Games

Is there a guy who didn’t want to personate a real soldier? Games created in XXI century map battlefields very realistically. As the character of wars in the world. If you want to feel the excitement and get to know combat tactics used in special forces of many countries, use Battlefield 4  and feel like the real soldier on the battlefront. Also download No Man’s Sky

Battlefield 4 Download Free Ocean of Games 


Free Download!
Battlefield 4 Download Free Ocean of Games  is yet another installment of famous series. After releasing great part three, Studio DICE decided to give the player new, better version of very popular game. Comparing to previous edition, not only graphics, which by the way was perfect, was improved. They also improved the story line and despite the fact that it isn’t very long, it takes the player to the virtual world for at least couple hours.

The graphics in the game is on a very high level. Especially elements like for example facial features or buildings have been recreated very well. Lighting map the conditions on the battlefield perfectly. Thanks to all these details, it’s very easy to feel like one of the soldiers from your team.

In Battlefield 4 Download Free, Campaign mode is undoubtedly much better than it was in third part. The story line is consistent, well-thought, and it doesn’t bore you at all. It can surprise you with its great polishing and well-chosen musical setting that refers to the games released by the studio before. Noteworthy is also voice over, where we can notice military jargon, as well as plenty of swears that improves the war atmosphere. Sadly, the story line isn’t the longest. It includes only 7 missions that can be completed in merely several hours. However, it’s enough to get to know all the novelties offered by the newest part of the Battlefield. It can also be a kind of introduction before the real challenge, multiplayer game mode that is.

Game play Battlefield 4 Download Free Ocean of Games

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In case of multiplayer game mode, several options should be well known to you all since they were available in previous version of the game. Maps have been very well prepared – both those with open spaces and those with more urban areas. There is a lot of hideouts as well as calmer places, where you can think your combat tactic through and observe the surroundings. Despite the fact that Battlefield 4 Download Free Ocean of Games  is partially tactical game, it is also very dynamic title. The gameplay is very fast, especially when more people participate in the match. There are also vehicles available for use. As it was in previous part, they can be encountered in respawns and different places on the battlefield. A very positive surprise can be the use of boats that will help us clear the area from the enemies. We can choose fact vehicles like scooters and the slower ones, more armoured carriers. It’s worth to add that the conditions on water are randomly generated. It makes the game very varied and it will reduce the time of our arrival to the target. Or, it can also slow down the invasion of the enemy. The last element of the game we feel it is worth to point out is the weaponry. It has been more polished, and the differences between different types of weapons of the same class are smaller. Thanks to that the skills decide who’s going to win, and not the equipment.

Battlefield 4 Download Free Ocean of Games

System Requirements Battlefield 4 Download Free Ocean of Games 

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CPU: AMD Six-core CPU, Intel quad-core CPU or better
CPU Speed: Info
OS: Windows 8 64-Bit
Video Card: 3 GB AMD Radeon HD 7870 / NVIDIA Geforce GTX 660 or better
Free Disk Space: 30 GB

All in all, Battlefield 4 Download Free Ocean of Games is a decent successor of the third part. The campaign, in spite of short missions, can absorb the player, and multiplayer mode will ensure entertainment for many days. The game is surely worth recommending, and it’s not only because its diversity and the number of maps, but also because of its highly advanced graphics that recreate the battlefields very well.

Battlefield 4 Download Free Ocean of Games 

Battlefield 4 Download Free Ocean of Games


Free Download!

  • Battlefield 4 Download Free Ocean of Games


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